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Rostrata: software enabling care commissioners and providers to deliver an effective, digital and financially sustainable service, resulting in improved care outcomes.

rostrataThrough intelligent rostering, we deliver quality financial and operational information to enhance business performance, care delivery and financial audit capability.

We know that Rostrata will deliver your organisation efficiencies and high quality care because Alocura’s in-depth understanding of community-based health, social care, IT and procurement solutions goes back decades.

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care providers

For care providers

Easily navigate and operate the process by which care is provided and paid for - from care plans through to rostering multiple staff, budget checks and critical management reports.

Concentrate on delivering an efficient and financially sustainable service with our ground-breaking software, and find growth opportunities in personalised care.

care commissioners

For care commissioners

Struggling to understand how commissioned care budgets are spent? Rostrata gives funders a transparent picture of the care package, offering instant care and financial audit information and demonstrating effective long term outcomes.

If your care providers use Rostrata, you will have access to unrivalled levels of data and analytics to meet your DSCR and data requirements. 

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Digital, open book healthcare reporting solutions

Our digital reporting suite can be used by both commissioner and provider to manage your financial and operational relationship in an open book manner, if your framework requires it – as well as enable DSCR compliance.

Rostrata will save your operation time and money

Save 45%in management and administration costs with Alocura

14% increasein support plan revenue

10% increasein gross margin contribution when using Alocura

10% increasein contracted hours delivered

+ £340kin unspent funds returned to one commissioner alone

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To maintain consistent care, it's critical for providers and commissioners to have instant access and oversight into the financial and operational aspects of a care package. Rostrata delivers that.

Ian Clegg, Finance Director, Alocura

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