Make 2024 the year where you have true oversight into the care you commission for the first time – with Rostrata by Alocura.

If you look back at the personalised non-hospital care packages you’ve commissioned in 2023, could you honestly say you know exactly how the care providers you work with are performing, how your crucial funding was spent this year – or even whether the care plan was delivered correctly?

Talking to commissioners as we were developing and launching Rostrata this year, it became really clear there are significant transparency issues with care provision. Any existing oversight is – and unfortunately remains – almost always focused on bank statement transactions.

There is very little – or no – view on the care delivered, who delivers it or if it meets required care quality outcomes. 

To be completely frank, this should alarm your organisation. You probably already know about the waste, significant overspend, potential gaps in care plan delivery and even worse, potential safeguarding problems.

We have the solution.

Rostrata’s reporting suite gives all levels of commissioning manager 100% digital oversight into ‘at-home’ delivered care provision, all at the desktop. Trial it in 2024 for free. No strings attached, no set-up fees. Install Rostrata and deliver efficiencies and unrivalled insight into the care packages you fund.

Rostrata: improving operational, financial and care outcomes in your frameworks

Using Rostrata, your ICB or Local Authority can have immediate access to the operational and financial performance of any package of care you fund. All the critical information is available at any time through your desktop – working in an ‘open book’ with your framework care providers will dramatically improve the operational and financial performance of your care frameworks and the packages they service. This in turn will improve care outcomes and reduce the potential for safeguarding issues.

One senior NHS commissioner we spoke to told us that they probably didn’t need Rostrata because “the council look after that for us.” We asked him if he felt they were doing a good job and getting a good service and what information they were receiving. We’ll be completely blunt about this, it was a difficult question to pose; if commissioners are happy with the status quo from the local authority, then Rostrata was going to be a hard sell.

The response we received said it all. They didn’t receive any information – and they didn’t ask for any either.

Just think about that for a moment. Tens of millions being spent by most CCGs and LA’s on ‘at home’ delivered care. Hundreds of millions across the country. And practically no accurate management information on that spend anywhere.

This has got to change in 2024 – not least because digital healthcare information strategies will require it.

So whatever insights and analytics you need, there’s a bespoke report for you with Rostrata, exportable on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis – and through Power BI filter them by name, value, individual plan or care provider.

See our reporting page here.