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Proven impact on well-being and quality of life for people who need support
Audited budget management offering long-term cost savings
Consistent high-quality care from providers guaranteed

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Worried about managing a personal health budget? Alocura can help plan, organise and pay for your support so you can build your future with confidence.

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By creating and managing personal budgets for individuals and families, we guarantee quality outcomes, a forensic auditing and administrative system, and significant long term efficiencies.

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With new, user-friendly tech, we oversee the complex administrative elements of personalised healthcare, so care providers can concentrate on providing a high-quality service.

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“Alocura took all the pressure off. They couldn’t do enough to help me, and now I’m back to full time work with consistent, high-quality care for David. Everything is on track.”

Jo Kenyon, Alocura customer

“By re-connecting individuals with their communities and matching them with PAs, people who need support are able to develop their self-esteem and confidence, and become independent in self-managing their health conditions, significantly reducing the amount of time spent in hospital.”

Julia Rushton, CHC Clinical Lead Nurse, NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU

“We pride ourselves on offering consistent, high-quality care. Alocura enables us to focus on the person who needs support to live their best life.

Caroline Tomlinson, CEO My Life.

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