Care administration systems and services for commissioners, care providers and individuals.

Using the latest digital healthcare tools, Alocura improves operational efficiency, financial performance and care quality outcomes within personalised care settings.

Our results are impressive

Save 45%in management and administration costs with Alocura

14% increasein support plan revenue

+ £340kin unspent funds returned to one commissioner alone

Save 12% through optimised delivery of contracted hours

10% increasein gross margin contribution when using Alocura

What we offer the health and social care sector

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Systems for health and social care

Rostrata is our groundbreaking, end-to-end cloud based platform for care commissioners and providers.

Easily navigate and manage the process by which care is provided and paid for. Starting with the individual's NHS number, Rostrata administers care plans through rostering, timesheets, payroll, budget checks and management reports. Provides commissioners and care providers with the desktop oversight they need to drive efficiencies, improve care quality outcomes, spot potential safeguarding issues and audit budgets… all from the desktop.

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Services for health and social care

Alocura solves your HR, finance and budget management issues through our tried and trusted business recovery, consultancy and outsourced services.

We oversee the complex administrative elements of personalised healthcare – finding you efficiencies, improving financial and operational sustainability and care quality outcomes.

Alocura improves financial and operational performance for all types of personalised care

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Personal Health

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Service Funds

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My Life became one of the first care organisations to offer third party personal health budgets. What we started to realise is that we needed some really good infrastructure and back office systems in place to offer quality, consistent care. Working with Alocura gives us that confidence in our provision.

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