The Calico Group consists of six innovative businesses and charities. Together, they work to make social profit, rather than financial profit and this is the driving force behind its wide range of quality services.

Calico defines ‘social profit’ as the positive difference made to people’s lives, across all the communities in which it works. It creates social profit by developing services that meet the community’s needs, harnessing the opportunities of the unique group structure and combining a growing range of complementary services to create innovative and new opportunities for the benefit of the community.

The Calico Group brings together the widest possible range of expertise – from its motivated service users – to its stakeholders who come from the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.



My Life is a registered charity, established as a result of a group of people with disabilities and their families wanting something different to traditional types of health and social care services, and wanting more choice and control over their own lives.

In addition to a whole range of services, My Life offers advocacy services, information, advice and support on any aspect of getting a good life for individuals. My Life’s team has in-depth knowledge of personal budgets, personalisation, care and support planning, commissioning care and support and in helping individuals to navigate around the ‘system’. 

My Life was set up by its chief executive Caroline Tomlinson. Caroline was involved in the early thinking on self-directed support and as co-founder of the charity In Control, was one of the pioneers of personalisation.  Caroline has supported many local authorities and clinical commissioning groups to overcome the challenges of implementing personalisation. Caroline also co-founded and innovated the first eMarketplace for social care, shop4support where people could manage their personal budgets and buy their own care and support online.

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PCG Technology Solutions (PCG) provides industry-leading web-based solutions for the health and social care sectors. Its technologies help empower and enable people to be independent, take charge of their lives, and to have choice and control over their care, support and wellbeing.

PCG was the first to market with an eMarketplace for social care, and since then they have remained at the forefront of the sector.

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How we can help …

Concise, real time management reporting

Our system also supplies you with clear reports. These individual statements make it easy to access key information to be used in tasks such as care and support plan reviews.

Secure case management

Our system’s case management module provides a convenient and secure location for case files and notes to be stored, specific to an individual. Again, less hassle and one centralised location.

Easy rostering of multiple PAs

Managing care workers? Our secure online rostering tool allows you to roster multiple PAs to one person. Easily create a team of PAs around an individual and then roster them on. You can even use your Human Resources data to match rosters with staff capabilities.

Automated matching of timesheets, rosters and payroll

Our online timesheet tool matches your rosters with your timesheets and allows for real time approval and payroll data. This automated matching of rostering, timesheets and payroll removes the need for any manual processes and systems – and paperwork!

Ensuring clear outcomes

Using recognised methods such as Lancaster University and In Control’s Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool, we can deliver you with clear outcomes resulting from the process.

Money management

We manage all monies by providing funders with a secure client account and ensuring that payments are made to the correct care providers at the correct price at the correct time.

Plan management

We ensure that all funds spent correlate with an individual’s care and support plan. This includes managing any variations to the plan – you can guarantee that any spend outside of this is authorised.

Plan and budget creation

We put together a comprehensive budget for an individual’s care and support plan, for authorisation by your organisation.

Managing complex PA rosters and timesheets

Our easy to use roster and timesheet tool makes this easy for you, even allowing you to roster and create timesheets for multiple staff.

Paying PAs the correct wage

We can give you Human Resources support, such as help understanding wages, taxes and pension contributions. We can also set up payroll and process payments, so you don’t have to

Finding Personal Assistants (PAs) and health and care providers

It can be hard knowing where to find care providers that you’ll feel comfortable with. We can match your needs with the best PAs and care providers. You’ll get to meet them, choose which work best for you and we ensure they go through the relevant employment checks.

Keeping track of spend

We can provide you with your own secure client account, specially designed for personal budgets. We’ll get your funder to pay your money into this and set up payments to your care providers, including HMRC and staff pension payments. This means that you can easily keep track of what’s coming in and what you’ve spent.

Showing your funder what you’ve spent

Trying to keep a record of what you’ve spent can be difficult, but with a secure client account from us, you’ll receive a regular statement, right down to the individual items you’ve bought. Your funder can also see this, so everyone will know what’s going on.


Our results are outstanding…

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Improvement in
quality of life
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Improvement in feeling
of choice and control​
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Improvement in
physical health

*Information from Alocura’s project with East Lancashire County Council. For more information click here to read our project report.