Making the delivery of personalised health and care work for everybody

The benefits of personalisation to people who need care and their families, funding organisations and care providers are clear.

Yet the processes needed to deliver personalisation successfully can be complex for everyone.

Successfully delivering personalised care services

Using our vast experience in the health and social care sectors, we’ve developed proven systems and processes that help everyone to easily navigate their way along the road of personalised care – and receive the full benefits.

We have a very successful track record helping individuals, their families and organisations in the delivery of complex and long-term care, alongside third party managed budgets.

Proven benefits for everybody

People receiving care who were involved in our recent project to deliver personal health budgets with East Lancashire County Council reported:

  • 48% improvement in re-engaging with their communities
  • 40% improvement in emotional wellbeing
  • 39% improvement in quality of life
  • 36% improvement in being able to exercise choice and control over everyday things

Improved overall wellbeing and efficiencies

The people involved in the project were also likely to have:

  • 67% reduction in their use of planned health services
  • 76% reduction in use of crisis or emergency services

View the project’s final report here

Data analysed using the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool developed by Lancaster University and In Control.

What makes our approach so different?

Our handpicked team of specialists have backgrounds in health and social care, procurement and technology.

Because of this, we can:

  • Understand and meet the needs of individuals needing care and their families, funding organisations and care providers
  • Use best practice procurement techniques to support a market of care providers who will deliver quality care at the right price
  • Give individuals and their families, funding organisations and care providers access to our unique software packages. These are designed specifically to create the administrative systems needed for the delivery of personalised services

How it works

We focus on these main areas:

1. We help eligible people and their families access their personal budgets or personal health budgets.

Many people don’t know how to access a personal health budget. We make sure the right processes, conditions and culture are in place, including support plans.

2. We put in place the consistent processes needed to deliver personalisation successfully.

These can be easily replicated, but importantly, are still personalised to an individual person and their care plan.

3. We provide access to our own user friendly computer software, uniquely designed to help deliver personalised services in the best way possible.

Our system includes budget management, case management and other ‘back end’ administrative modules, all with full audit trail and reporting systems.

What our customers say…

“Alocura have lightened our very heavy load giving us the time and space to just concentrate on rehabilitation for my husband rather than paperwork. Since Alocura have been ‘looking after us’ my husband and I feel like a weight has been lifted. At last we’ve found an efficient team of people who actually all have hearts.”

An Alocura customer

“We have shown that a partnership that harnesses the power of innovative IT systems and knowledge of market solutions alongside social housing expertise, an asset-based care – planning approach supported by NHS partners, and NHS clinical oversight can transform how care is commissioned, implemented and monitored.

I sincerely hope this approach can be adopted more broadly so that many more people and communities can be supported to lead healthier, happier lives.”

Dr Richard Daly, participant in Alocura’s project with East Lancashire County Council


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