Take control of your care, let us do the hard work

Whether you or a loved one have a personal budget or a personal health budget, we believe that an individual’s support should be personal to them.

So it makes sense that not everyone feels the same way about how they want it organising.

How we can help with a personal health budget

We can manage all of your support, or you can choose what you’d rather we helped with.

What are the benefits to you?

People who we’ve worked with have reported*:

  • 39% improvement in quality of life
  • 36% improvement in feeling of choice and control
  • 33% improvement in self-esteem
  • 30% improvement in physical health

*Information from Alocura’s project with East Lancashire County Council. For more information click here to read our project report.

Who we can help

If you need help with a personal health budget, we have a very successful track record in helping people who require complex and long-term care and their families.

Helping plan your support

Wondering ‘how do I manage a personal health budget?’

If you’re caring for someone with complex needs, first, you’ll need a support plan, to help you plan how you want to use the personal budget to give them a good life.

We can help you create a support plan to plan out the care and show your funder how you’re going to spend the money.

Finding Personal Assistants (PAs) and health and care providers

It can be hard knowing where to find care providers that you’ll feel comfortable with.

We can match your needs with the best PAs and other care providers. You’ll get to meet them and choose which work best for you.

Worried about keeping track of what you’ve spent?

We can provide you with your own secure client account, specially designed for personal budgets.

We’ll get your funder to pay your money into this and set up payments to your care providers, including HMRC and staff pension payments.

This means that you can easily keep track of what’s coming in and what you’ve spent.

Showing your funder what you’ve spent

Trying to keep a record of what you’ve spent can be difficult, but with a secure client account from us, you’ll receive a regular statement, right down to the individual items you’ve bought.

Your funder can also see this, so everyone will know what’s going on.

Want to employ your own staff? We can help!

Recruiting the best PAs

Finding a PA to suit you and making sure that they have all the right employment checks can be difficult.

We have extensive experience in recruiting PAs. We can help find the best match for you and ensure they go through the relevant employment checks.

Paying PAs the correct wage

We can give you Human Resources support, such as help understanding wages, taxes and pension contributions. We can also set up payroll and process payments, so you don’t have to.

Managing complex PA rosters and timesheets

Our easy to use roster and timesheet tool makes this easy for you, even allowing you to roster and create timesheets for multiple staff.

How much does it cost?

Our costs vary depending on how much support you need, but the organisation funding you will usually pay our fees as part of your budget.

What our customers say….

“My husband is severely disabled and after what seems like a lifetime of trying to find an organisation that understands and listens to us, Alocura have been like a breath of fresh air.

Alocura have lightened our very heavy load giving us the time and space to just concentrate on rehabilitation for my husband rather than paperwork. Since Alocura have been ‘looking after us’ my husband and I feel like a weight has been lifted. At last we’ve found an efficient team of people who actually all have hearts.”

An Alocura customer

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