Ensure high quality care whilst creating efficiencies

We have a very successful track record working with individuals, their families and organisations to deliver complex and long-term care alongside third party managed budgets.

We can help you meet your NHS targets by delivering personalised services, ensuring choice, control and quality outcomes.

We can also create significant efficiencies.

How can we help your organisation?

We know that funding organisations are struggling to meet their NHS targets.

We also know that in complex situations involving large budgets, direct payments often don’t work.

What if an individual or their family is unable to manage such a large amount of money? And how do you audit actual delivery versus care plan? By sifting through bank statements?

How we make the delivery of personalised services work for you

With our vast experience in implementing third party managed budgets, we can help you meet your NHS targets.

Through our user friendly administrative system, designed specifically for the successful delivery of personal budgets, we can offer you:

  • Plan and budget creation

We can put a comprehensive budget together for an individual’s care and support plan, for authorisation by your organisation.

  • Plan management

We can ensure that all funds spent correlate with an individual’s care and support plan. This includes managing any variations to the plan – you can guarantee that any spend outside of this is authorised.

  • Money management

We can manage all monies by providing you with a secure client account and ensuring that payments are made to the correct care providers at the correct price at the correct time.

  • Transaction management and real time auditing

Through our secure client account, you will receive transparent transactional reports. These detailed financial statements enable you real time auditing. You can see what has been spent and when, without the hassle of sifting through bank statements.

  • Ensuring clear outcomes

Using recognised methods such as Lancaster University and In Control’s Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool, we can deliver you with clear outcomes resulting from the process.

Our results speak for themselves

People receiving care who were involved in our recent project to deliver personal health budgets with East Lancashire County Council reported:

  • 48% improvement in re-engaging with their communities
  • 40% improvement in emotional wellbeing
  • 39% improvement in quality of life
  • 36% improvement in being able to exercise choice and control over everyday things

Improved overall wellbeing and efficiencies

The people involved in the project were also likely to have:

  • 67% reduction in their use of planned health services
  • 76% reduction in use of crisis or emergency services

This represents an 84% real cost saving to the NHS.

Data collected using the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool developed by Lancaster University and In Control.

View the project’s final report here

What our customers say…

“By re-connecting individuals with their communities and matching them with PAs, they were able to develop their self-esteem and confidence, and become independent in self-managing their health conditions, significantly reducing the amount of time spent in hospital.”

Julia Rushton, CHC Clinical Lead Nurse, NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU

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