Save administrative time and money, focus on care and support

As a care provider delivering personalised services, do you find that time spent on administrative tasks can take you away from what you do best?

We can help you.

Understanding your needs

Through our extensive experience in the health and social care sectors, we’ve been able to listen, understand and come up with solutions to the difficulties care providers face.

Solving your problems

We know that keeping track of timesheets for complex care, matching them with rosters and payroll can cause care providers major issues.

If you have a problem, we have the solution.

An exceptionally user friendly administrative system

Our social care and health care experts have worked alongside our technology specialists to create an exceptionally user friendly administrative system, designed to meet the needs of care providers.

How does it work?

From the arrival of a care and support plan right through to rostering for complex care, timesheets, payroll and management reporting, our system solves all your problems along the way.

  • No more inconsistent care and support plans

Through our software system, we can provide you with comprehensive and consistent budgeted care and support plans that have already been approved by a funding organisation.

  • Easy rostering of multiple PAs

Managing care workers? Our secure online rostering tool allows you to roster multiple PAs to one person. Easily create a team of PAs around an individual and then roster them on. You can even use your Human Resources data to match rosters with staff capabilities.

  • Automated matching of timesheets, rosters and payroll

Our online timesheet tool matches your rosters with your timesheets and allows for real time approval and payroll data. This automated matching of rostering, timesheets and payroll removes the need for any manual processes and systems – and paperwork!

  • Secure case management

Our system’s case management module provides a convenient and secure location for case files and notes to be stored, specific to an individual. Again, less hassle and one centralised location.

  • Concise, real time management reporting

Our system also supplies you with clear reports. These individual statements make it easy to access key information to be used in tasks such as care and support plan reviews.

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